Flat Rate Agreement

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The medical industry is one of the newest areas in which flat-rate prices are just beginning to enter. The concept is of particular interest[7] because of the high and rising cost of health care, despite legislative attempts to address it, such as the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). [8] While there were pilot programs of large insurance companies such as UnitedHealthcare to control costs among the most expensive diseases such as cancer,[9] the primary use of flat-rate prices was for now in medical imaging, such as X-rays, MRIs, mammograms and ultrasounds. Regional companies such as Med Health Services Inc.[10] in the Pittsburgh area and northwest Radiology Network of Indianapolis[11] were among the first in the nation to implement the practice on an experimental basis. Craftsmen such as electricians, plumbers and mechanics also often require packages to cover their work for their services. In a 2014 survey in Australia, a painter`s average work rate was $39.92 an hour. [5] In the case of real estate, flat rate is an alternative, non-traditional, full-service list, in which compensation for the inseratist is not based on a percentage of the selling price, but a fixed amount in dollars, usually paid at closing. The rate is generally lower than a gross commission of 6%, which leads to lower costs of selling real estate. “package” differs from the flat fee in several respects: (i) it is generally much higher than a flat fee; (ii) it generally establishes a full service list as opposed to a flat fee restricted service list; and (iii) it is usually paid at closing, unlike a flat fee that is usually paid when the listing agreement is executed.

U.S. telecommunications companies typically offer individuals a package for local calls. However, a regular rate or information rate is advantageous for those who make few calls per month. Packages were rare outside the U.S. and Canada until 2005, but are widespread in Europe for both local and long-distance calls, and are now available for mobile phone services, both for traditional gsm/UMTS calls and for VoIP mobile.