How Long Is The Sponsorship Agreement In Canada

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Individuals in these categories are entitled to sponsorship: Note: Complex applications may require longer machining times than normal machining times. If your application has run out of time, you can contact the IRCC via the web form. Tips: Sponsorship forms often change. Before you apply, check to see if you are sending the correct version of the form. For sponsorship in all parts of Canada, with the exception of Quebec, the following information explains how long your business will last. This application allows you to sponsor your spouse, spouse or spouse who is at least 18 years old or your dependent child (if you are encouraging an adopted child, use the sponsorship package for adopted children). The person you are sponsoring and their family members must undergo in-depth, safety and health check-ups. The spopring process usually takes about a year to obtain final approval. Your application must include the sponsorship company and sponsorship contract as well as all other necessary documents. If you change your mind after you have filed the sponsorship application and have committed yourself, you must write us a letter before making a final decision on the file and submit the letter as an appendix via the IRCC web form. You can only withdraw a commitment if we accept the revocation. Here are some examples of how a sponsorship can break: those interested in applying under the Family Class sponsorship category can get an assessment of their eligibility by completing our free online assessment to stay permanently in Canada as a permanent residence, also known as land immigrants, you must be sponsored by your husband.

Your husband can start the sponsorship process, no matter where you are. If you are in Canada when the sponsorship application was sent, you can stay in Canada until it is processed. If your spouse or partner`s dependent child has dependent children, you must justify your financial opportunities to meet the conditions of the sponsorship business. You can find your country-specific requirements on the Family Sponsoring Application Kit website. Note: You will receive all processing fees except the $75 sponsorship fee. The application for permanent residence is not processed. Quebec has its own process to help refugees. For sponsors in Quebec, visit refugee sponsorship in Quebec. Often, family situations change and a sponsorship relationship can break down. The article focuses on the collapse of joint sponsorship/common law/marriage.

For more information about a partner`s or family member`s sponsor, visit Sponsorship Basics. If you meet all sponsorship requirements, we become: Tip: The sponsor and the main candidate must sign the sponsorship contract.