Msu Housing Agreement

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Students who register at a residence during the fall semester as part of the move-in day should do so at their intended location. Students must follow the retraction procedures of their assigned room. Specific information on the date of the move (MVNU2MSU) can be found on the home page of the website ( prior to the day of the move. RSVP is the time frame for renewing the application/reassigning the space that allows current residents to indicate their application for accommodation for the following year; Orders are neither automatic nor guaranteed. RSVP is a two-step process that takes place around November. Residents receive an email via their MSU email address with instructions to submit an online application. Students selected to participate in the online selection process receive an email containing detailed information on how to proceed. These students choose their rooms online based on a selection of available rooms. The priority for space selection is mainly based on a student`s rSVP application date (the sooner a student applies for RSVP, the sooner his space selection window will be online).

Fees are charged for the winter break, summer session and temporary summer accommodation. The restaurant is closed during academic breaks. Residences for breaks in the students` current premises are only available during the regular study year. For the summer months, students may have to move elsewhere. The MSU controller`s office at Garner Hall facilitates the payment of room and other accommodation costs, with the exception of housing application fees (payable during online housing application). The construction of bunk beds and lofts must be checked by Maintenance and Facilities (662) 325-2190, once you have registered in your residence. MSU officials will review and approve or reject the final draft. Cinderella blocks or other unlicensed devices used for elevation or bunk beds are prohibited. Lofts are allowed in residences as long as they fill the following: no furniture can be removed from the room, nothing can be screwed onto the walls, and it MUST be at least 18 inches from the ceiling to the bed. The schemes can be approved on an interim basis by email at, but they are still under review at the end of the year to ensure their approval and student safety.

At the expiry or termination of this contract, in accordance with one of the aforementioned provisions, the university has the right to re-enter the premises in order to remove the property of the student. Personal property left in a residence after a student`s withdrawal or non-registration is considered abandoned property. After the discovery, a student is informed of the removal of his abandoned property at a safe location inside the residence and receives 48 hours to claim his property. The student expressly waives notification of a notice of reintroduction, termination of the lease, termination or request for possession.