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“The change to the staff agreement provides for cost savings in return for job security and oversight by union committees,” he said. The agreement also sets out the conditions for the staff of the new UTAS College and clarifies the conditions and expectations of university college staff. Management attempted to exclude these employees from the main agreement throughout the negotiations, but a strong reaction from members, who made it clear that they would not agree to be included in a separate agreement, ultimately led all employees to be covered by the same agreement. Voting is required under the Fair Work Act, and if university staff as a whole do not accept the changes, they cannot continue. Tasmanian Secretary Kelvin Michael said employees strongly support the proposed changes, which are expected to save about 50 jobs. In an email to employees Wednesday, Professor Black said employees had strongly supported the package. The proposed changes must now be made to all university staff. He said that more than 53% of the electorate had voted on the package, and of those 90 percent, they voted “yes” and 10% no. MEPs voted on Saturday in favour of a proposal to amend their recruitment agreement with UTAS, which would have received a two per cent pay increase next month.

Professor Black said that during this period, the university would develop a framework and support processes to propose voluntary measures to reduce the institution`s staff, such as voluntary or early retirement. Staff at the University of Tasmania voted to amend their staffing agreement to include a 12-month wage freeze and other job-saving measures. All temporary employees will have access to 17% of the ageing of employers until the end of the agreement. Those who are currently still on the super 9.5% see their super-increase in June 2021. It is important that temporary staff now have the right to be extended if work continues and there are no performance issues. A salary increase of 1.8% per year (8.5% over the duration of the agreement) has been reinforced by a restructuring of classifications, where the overwhelming majority of agents will benefit from additional wage increases of between 1% and 2.4% due to incremental changes. Mr. Michael declined to comment on the percentage of university staff that were unionized. Some employees will receive even more, with most casual academics receiving an additional 5.2% for the standard tutor rate, representing a total increase of 13.7% for this casual staff over the duration of the agreement. Thank you to all the members who supported the pricing campaign at its various stages for your faith and patience.

Without your support, it would not have been possible to reach a quality agreement. He said that the students` experience would not be affected by lower incomes and reductions. Please be careless and respectful in your comments. UTAS proposed last week`s amendments to stem the financial consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic. The package also prioritizes voluntary redundancies and early retirements Professor Black said he met with union leaders on Wednesday morning to sign the formal variant of the UTAS 2017-2021 staff contract to be submitted to FairWork Australia.